Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hotel Grantia in Shiretoko ホテルグランティア知床斜里駅前

Mum and dad spent a total of nine nights in Hokkaido and they stayed in a different hotel every single night.  Even when they stayed in the same place, they would still move from one hotel to another. Guess there's no better ways to find out about hotels......
The room was spacious and modern with 2 single beds.
Bird's eye view from the window.

Hotel Grantia in Shiretoko must be the best value among all the places they stayed during this trip. For JPY 8,900 each, they got a room with a view of the beautiful JR station, the bird sculpture and the nearby mountains. It was also half-board, ie you get breakfast and dinner for the price. While breakfast was served in the hotel, dinner was provided by one of the nearby restaurants, which you picked prior to arriving at the hotel. They took the "red" pork shabu-shabu  サチク赤豚 しゃぶしゃぶ option for dinner. The servings were hearty and the locally produced pork was tender. The best thing was - you pay the same JPY 8,900 for just one person, ie no single-premium, staying in the same twin bedroom.

サチク赤豚 "red" pork raised in Shiretoko

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